Energy Healing

The practice of energy healing is a powerful tool used to cultivate balance and wellness and to help transform your life. We are comprised of much more than the physical self, as our “being” is of body, mind and soul; all of which play a vital role in health and wellness. Energetically, these “parts” of the self can become unbalanced and may manifest itself in various ways from physical pain, to emotional instability, feeling stuck or out of control, as well as many other forms. Our energy field is constantly changing as we go about our day. From the people we come in contact with, such as your family, friends, co-workers, to situations that arise; moment to moment our energy is changing and effecting how we feel, thus the importance of supporting a vital energy field through healing sessions.

Consider healing as a process rather than an experience. Of course, profound healing can come about in one session and that may be all it takes if you are ready to release it; however, if deep wounds are present most of the time your souls’ healing will happen in a building block fashion.  As you move along in your healing journey, healing sessions of various modalities will allow you to heal your physical, mental and emotional wounds in a greater capacity.


If you are wondering if you could benefit from an energetic reset through energy healing ask yourself these 3 questions:

  • Am I stuck in some area of my life?

  • When I reflect on my life, is there a particular pattern or theme that keeps presenting itself which I would like to change?

  • Am I getting the same result and outcomes, even though I’m trying to achieve different ones?


Did you answer “yes” to any of these questions? If so, then your energy field could benefit from a reset through an Energy Healing Session and can help support the transformation and healing you seek.

Intuitive Coaching

Session is 60 minutes

Packages: (4) | $480
Packages: (8) | $864

Packages: (12) | $1,224

Are you searching for guidance on a spiritual level? Intuitive coaching supports  a co-creative process to help you achieve your goals. When you work with us, we will dive deep into the source of a problem or challenge as we not only look at behaviors but explore the challenge on a spiritual level. We help you realize your true authentic self and support you on discovering your life’s purpose. An intuitive session will unfold in a natural way and leave you with new skills to try, homework to do and the support of high vibrational energy to heal and help you attract the life you truly are meant to live.


If you are truly looking for support and life transformations then we highly recommend a package so that the practitioner and client can work synergistically through the challenges. This work is life changing and powerful. If you think this is right for you, we’d love to hear from you!  

Shamanic Healing

Session: 60 min |  $150

During your Shamanic Healing, the practitioner will first conduct a 10-15 minute intake to discuss the reasons for your session- Why are you here?  We encourage you to lay out all your issues in a safe and supportive environment so that we can help support you the best way possible.  After the intake, you will lay fully dressed on our comfortable massage table. We ask that you allow yourself to open to the experience.   We will intuitively listen to what is going on in your body and support the healing process with varying shamanic healing techniques. For example, sometimes we will open up chakras to help release what needs to be healed.

When we enter into our healing journey, sometimes the mind thinks one way, but the soul tells us something else. For example, upon entering into the shamanic healing, you may think you need to heal one aspect of your life, however what transpires during a session may be something greater on a soul level that needs to be healed.  We help you get to the root of the problem and extract it, heal it and fill it with love and whatever else you would like the outcome to look like.

All you need to do is choose what it is you want to heal, and together, whether online or in my office, when we combine our intention with your permission, something magical happens.

Chakra Balane Healing

Session: 60 minutes | $130

Chakras are energy centers in the body that influence the flow of energy from Universal Source to all aspects of your energy field. Located at specific parts of your body, each chakras governs a particular bodily system, organ, and one’s essence of being. When one’s chakras are out of balance, it can have a great impact on the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.  Realigning and balancing chakras is a great way to help improve your overall wellbeing and vitality. 

If you are experiencing a specific issue that is manifesting itself in the physical, mental or emotional, we highly recommend a Shamanic Healing Session or Intuitive Coaching.


Session: 60 minutes | $80

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing modality used to cultivate healing by channeling energy through “laying of the hands” and activating your body’s innate ability to heal and realign your energy. It helps to reduce stress, increase relaxation, balance the mind and emotions, relive pain in the physical and emotional bodies, dissolve energy blocks, and promote overall wellness.

This simple, yet profound healing modality is performed on the client while they lay fully clothed on a massage table. The practitioner gently lays their hands on the body in various safe placements. During your session, you may feel the practitioners hands become warm as the energy is moving. You may also experience various sensations from tingling to cold, to being in a deep meditative state and feeling completely rejuvenated.

Session: 60 minutes |  $80

Emotional and Energetic Cord Cut

Session: 30 minutes | $60

Emotional and energetic ties are etheric bonds of energy between two people (alive or deceased) and or place that can cause patterns from the past to constantly be re-lived.  Such ties are referred to as cords of attachment, due to the fact that they are open channels of energy from one person to another- or sometimes a place. This creates a literal “attachment” to such person or place. Such attachments of energy are normal for every relationship and can manifest at both beneficial and destructive. It’s the destructive “cord attachments’ that we seek to release from our energy bodies.

Cord Cutting is beneficial in the following situations:

  • In a current relationship where you desire to maintain the relationships however feel there are unhealthy aspects.

  • You have someone in your life that you wish to no longer be part of your life.

  • Ending a relationship and you still feel energetic ties to the person and having difficulty letting them go.

  • Relationships that involve addicts and/or alcoholics- however you are connected to them, such relationship most always warrant a cord cutting. Energy exchanged with addicts/ alcoholics, is most often heavy and can create destructive patterns.

  • Transitioning out of a job.

  • Anytime you are moving into a new phase of your life and you feel the need to let go of something.

Angel Card Reading

Session: 60 minutes | $120

Angel Card Reading

Connect with your Guardian Angels and feel their love and guidance as they support you on your souls’ life path. If you are seeking guidance, an Angel Card Reading can be a very powerful tool. They can give insight into various aspects of your life including relationships, careers, finances, your life’s work and more, all to offer you confidence in your decisions. The client may ask a specific question, or allow the cards to help support with general guidance.

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