Age Spots and Sun Spots

Age & Sun Spots

Soul Serenity Beauty and Wellness treats age spots and sun spots

As people age, it is common for skin to form unappealing blemishes, commonly called age spots or sun spots. They appear on the skin of the face and on the back of the hands. The spots tend to be clearly defined, round, brown or black, flat blotches of skin. Age spots can appear on people of all skin types, but they are more common in people with light skin and are caused by overactive pigment cells. Ultraviolet (UV) light boosts the creation of melanin. Age spots are harmless and are not painful. Occasionally, age spots may make it harder to diagnose skin cancer. Soul Serenity Beauty and Wellness offers patients non-invasive treatments that can help lessen age spots, sun spots, as well as improve the tone of your skin.

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